These videos and commentary are from the previous owner (Brian Borg) of Advanced Equine Dental and are for informational purposes only. 

Featured in a 5 part series on Equine Dentistry on Horse RFD TV:

View Part 1 of the 5 part video series for RFD TV


Invited to speak about Equine Dentistry to vet techs & veterinarian students at Cal Poly Pomona




Educational Videos from my DVD, “Equine Dentistry Made Easy to Understand (The Cornerstone of Your Horses Health)”

Malocclusion’s (abnormal contact of upper and lower teeth)

Charting and documenting the dental procedure, “Bit Seat” explained.

Triadan System, Malocclusion’s in older horses

Malocclusion’s continued. Mastication cycle in horses.

Comparing hand file floating to motorized dentistry using more modern techniques.
You have to see this video

Equine Dentistry out in the field. Slide show, credits.

Lecture at Cal Poly, Pomona CA November 2008

A total of 7 video’s with 1 hour of viewing.

1 hour talk at Melody Oak’s Ranch with a Q&A Session

Video of a Dental procedure on a 23 year old Appendix Quarter Horse in Norco California that had lost about 200 to 300 pounds due to a dental issue that I resolved. His weight should return to normal in about 6 to 8 weeks.