Is it legal for a non veterinarian to work on a horses teeth without a veterinarian present?
No, California state law requires any person (i.e. registered veterinary technician) who is not a veterinarian offering equine dentistry to the public (this includes basic file floating without sedation) MUST be a California licensed Veterinarian or be present at a state registered facility with a California licensed veterinarian, we always follow the laws and have a veterinarian present at all of our equine dentistry appointments.

Is it safe to work on a horses teeth using motorized tools without sedation?
In most cases it is not recommended to work on a horses teeth using motorized tools without sedation because some horse may react in a dangerous fashion if startled.It is also recommended to have horses sedated in some cases if they are having a simple file float in order to do a thorough job.

Why is it important to have my horses teeth floated at least once a year starting at the age of 2 years?
Horses’ teeth are constantly changing due to the demands of masticating the large amounts of food they require. If your horse’s teeth are not addressed every year, you will run a risk of causing pathological damage to their mouth.

What is a Bit Seat?
A “Bit Seat” is the aggressive rounding of the upper and lower second pre molars (106-206-306-406). If this is done that aggressive it can lead to permanent damage to these teeth, even death of them. We do what is best for each individual horse and do what is both comfortable for performance and safe for the horse.

How long does the average dental procedure take?
This depends on each individual horse and how often they are done. I have some patients we do every 6 months and it may only take 15 minutes. Other patients that are done every 2 years it may take 30 minutes.

If I live to far away from you for you to come out to me, can I trailer my horse to you to have its teeth done?
The travel range we cover is very expansive through-out Southern California and is serviced regularly. Areas outside of this range are always serviced promptly if there is a large group of horses. However, if the time frame does not work for you then you can trailer to my facility in Apple Valley.

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